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Revamp your bar stools seamlessly with our premium Housse Tabouret de Bar – Café. Its elastic, high-grade fabric fits perfectly to stools with backs.

Revitalize your living space with the Housse Tabouret de Bar – Café

Give your dining area a quick makeover with our stylish stool covers. Forget about breaking the bank to buy brand new stools; now you can flip your interior design script effortlessly and cost-effectively. Jazz up your bar stools today and be amazed at the transformation.

What makes our Housse Tabouret de Bar – Café the number one choice?

  • Ultimate Protection: They are resistant to spills, slippage, scratch, and dust mites, not to mention waterproof!
  • Supreme Comfort: The covers are crafted from soft, elastic fabric with a velvety feel for peak coziness, promising over a decade of use.
  • Interior Makeover: Ideal for adding a distinctive, refreshing, and inviting touch to modern and sleek bar stools.
  • Wash with Ease: Machine-washable at 30°Celsius, which means no more lingering bacteria, pet hairs, or dust.
  • Stretchy Material: Fits snugly and impeccably—no ironing required.
  • Simple to Install: Space-efficient and can be slipped on in a brisk 30 seconds.

compatible bar stool dimensions

Product specifications

  • Seat Length: 35-40cm
  • Width: 35-45 cm
  • Seat Height: 30-38cm

how to install Housse Tabouret de Bar